How to Pick Up a Guy in a Club

Updated February 21, 2017

Clubs can be a good place to blow off steam and have fun with your friends. They can also be a great place to meet guys as well. If you're looking forward to meeting an eligible man at your favourite hot spot, just try a few simple steps that make picking up a guy at a club effortless.

Dress to build confidence. The first step to picking up a guy at a club is getting ready for the club, which means wearing something that makes you feel confident and sexy. Don't overdo it and remember to keep it classy. Try a cute black dress, or a cute top and some nice jeans, and of course a cute pair of heels.

When you're at the club take a look around and assess the guy situation. Always bring your friends out with you for safety and for advice. They can help you determineif it looks like a guy is alone, or if he's a jerk, or if he's also checking you out. If a guy appears to be with another girl, move on and find another guy that catches your eye.

If you find a guy that catches your eye, wait for him to go to the bar. This is a great time for you to create a chance meeting, so follow suit and go order another drink next to him.

Smile. When you are standing next to each other, catch his eye by flashing him a confident smile. If that doesn't get him talking then say something nonchalant about the club, like how crowded it is, or fun, or crazy, maybe mention the song playing and how you like it. If he's worth his salt, he'll see that you are interested and engage you in conversation.

Talk to him for a little bit. Ask who he's there with, if he's having fun, if he lives in the area, but leave room for him to ask you questions too. From there the conversation should just come naturally, avoid any serious topics of discussion and keep it light, and remember to be confidant and smile.

After you've talked for a little while, say about five to 10 minutes, tell him you'd better get back to your friends, but would love to talk more later over coffee or dinner and ask for his number. In some cases he may ask for yours first or give you his as well. Then just flash him a brilliant smile and tell him you'll call him some time, or that you look forward to hearing from him.

If you see him periodically throughout the night, don't be afraid to give him a wave or nod and smile. You may even bump into him outside the club. If you two end up talking again, remember to keep it light and fun.

Call him. A good rule of is to wait at least a day to give him a call. You want to seem nonchalant and don't want to seem super eager, as if you've been waiting all night to call him. That doesn't mean to leave him hanging and waiting. The appropriate time to call is one to two days after getting a phone number. If you gave him yours, then this will also give him a chance to call you as well.


If you engage a guy at a club and decide he's not for you, just be polite and cut the conversation short saying you have to get back to your friends. If you have had one too many drinks, before engaging a guy, you may want to save your quest for another time as your appearance and decision-making ability may be skewed.


It's never advisable to pick up a guy at a club and bring him home that night, while he may seem harmless, you need to consider your safety.


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