How to Do Place Cards on Microsoft Word

Updated July 19, 2017

Place cards, whether for a dinner, wedding or business meeting, confer a degree of respect toward your guests and reflect on the host's familiarity with proper etiquette. Place cards can be created easily with Microsoft Word and a decent printer. This tutorial will outline how to create three-inch by four-inch place cards in Word with the names of your guests on them. If you have bought another size of perforated card stock, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the proper template and modify these instructions as necessary.

Open Microsoft Word

Select "Tools>Letters" and "Mailings>Envelopes and Labels."

Click on the box in the bottom right titled "Label."

Scroll through the box titled "Product Number" and select "5384 -- Name Badge."

Click "OK," then "New Document."

Place the cursor in the top left box and align the text in the centre.

Select the font and type size that you desire. For continuity and uniformity, test the font and type size with the guest's name that is the longest to ensure that it will fit in the place card.

Type the name of one guest in the top left box. Press the Tab key to advance to the next place card.

Repeat until all of the cards on one page are filled.

Place the Avery 5384 Card Stock in the printer.

Select "File>Print" and press "Print."

Repeat until you have printed all of your cards.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • 3x4-inch Avery 5384 Card Stock or equivalent
  • Printer
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