How to Word an Anniversary Announcement in a Newspaper

Updated February 21, 2017

Anniversaries are a special time that a happily married couple often wants to share with others. One way to let others know of your ongoing commitment to each other is to announce it in the newspaper. Different publications have different guidelines for submitting an anniversary announcement, from basic information to an article with more personal details. Whatever information you choose to submit, it's important that you word it correctly.

State your names, the town of your residence and the date of your anniversary. Include information about a celebration that will or has taken place. For instance write "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, of Anytown, VA, celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 9, 20___. The celebration took place at the couple's home with family and friends in attendance."

Include information about where you were married and the date. "The Does were married on June 8, 19___ by the Justice of the Peace in Anytown, VA." Include information about the woman's maiden name such as "Mrs. Doe is the former Jane Smith."

Mention any children and where they reside. "The couple has one son , John Doe, Jr. of Anytown." List grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if applicable.

Include details about you and your spouse's current or former occupations. "Mrs. Doe is a 4th grade teacher at Anytown Elementary, and Mr. Doe works as the Postmaster at the Anytown post office."


Optional information includes details about the anniversary celebration and the wedding.


If you are composing the announcement for someone other than you and your spouse, let the couple read the announcement before submitting it to the paper for publication. The couple will have a chance to identify any errors that you may have missed.

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