How to Create Fancy Borders in Microsoft

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Word offers many tools and features with which you can accentuate and enhance the appearance of documents. One way to do so is by adding a border around a text box, paragraph or entire page. In fact, you can add borders to other elements, such as graphics, tables and pictures as well. While traditional borders will draw attention to the document, Microsoft Word provides options to allow you to create fancy page borders that will greatly intensify the appearance of any Word document.

Open the document to which you want to add a fancy border. This can be a new or an existing document.

Go to the "Page Layout" tab of the ribbon in Word 2007. Click "Page Borders" in the "Page Background" section. Go to the "Format" menu in Word 2003 or earlier and select "Borders and Shading."

Click on the "Page Border" tab. Go to the "Art" drop-down in the middle section of the "Borders and Shading" dialogue box. Select a fancy border from the gallery of art borders available.

Change the colour of the fancy border by selecting an option in the "Color" drop-down list. Make the border wider or more narrow by changing the number in the "Width" drop-down.

Change the layout of the border by clicking on sides of the border in the "Preview" section to remove or reapply them. For example, you can remove the top and bottom borders and just apply the border to the sides of the document. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word 2000, XP, 2003 or 2007
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