How to Make Floral Arrangements With a Sports Theme

Updated March 23, 2017

When planning a wedding, many couples use a specific theme or idea that reflects their personalities and interests, such as the popular sports theme, which can be incorporated into many aspects of a celebration. One of the easiest and most creative ways to reflect the couple's tastes into their wedding reception is to prepare sports-themed floral arrangements; not only are they fun and interesting, but easily customised to match the favourite sport or team.

Choose the overall theme of your floral arrangements. Select the sport you would like to use, such as football or baseball. Consider whether you have a favourite team in that sport. For example, if you chose football, decide whether you want the floral arrangements to reflect your favourite football team, as well.

Select a container that fits in with your selected theme. If your sports theme is football, consider using a football helmet or hollowed out football. Shop around for specially shaped containers, such as containers that look like popcorn bags, which can be used for a baseball theme. For smaller floral arrangements, you can even use a sports mug. A baseball-themed arrangement can also be placed into an upside-down baseball cap.

Carefully consider the foundation you will be using, since you will likely be using a non-traditional container. If the floral arrangement will only be used for a few hours, you will not have to worry about placing the flowers in water; however, you will need to use foam inserts to hold the flowers in place. Purchase enough foam inserts to fill the container you are using and trim them to match the shape of the container.

Choose flowers that match the colours of your favourite team. For example, if you are using a Chicago Bears football theme, choose flowers in blue and orange. Visit a florist to discuss your options. Since many flowers do not come in a wide variety of colours, you may want to consider purchasing white flowers and dying them the appropriate colour. Flower dye can be found at virtually any craft or hobby store, and it is safe for use on fresh, dried and silk flowers. The flowers should be inserted directly into the foam inserts.

In addition to the flowers, you may want to insert other small decorations and accessories into the floral arrangement. Insert a pendant with your favourite team's logo or a bobble-head figure of your favourite player. Glue some baseball cards or ticket stubs to a stick and insert these in between the flowers. You will also need to cover the foam inserts to make the floral arrangement more visibly pleasing. Purchase a small piece of AstroTurf or fake grass to lay over the foundation. Or, for a baseball-themed floral arrangement, sprinkle cracker jacks or peanuts around the base of the container.

Things You'll Need

  • Container, such as a helmet, football, customised vase, sports mug or baseball cap
  • Foam inserts
  • Flowers
  • Flower dye
  • Decorations, such as pennants, baseball cards, ticket stubs or bobble-head figures
  • Foundation decorations, such as fake grass, peanuts or cracker jacks
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