How to Wash Polyester Pillows

Polyester pillows are safe for machine washing and drying. When your bedding needs freshening, there is no reason not to throw your polyester pillows directly into the washing machine. Even heavily soiled polyester pillows wash effectively in the washing machine. After washing and drying your pillows, they will be sweet smelling and fluffy again -- the perfect combination for a good night sleep.

Remove the pillowcases and any other protective cases that may be on the polyester pillows. Place the pillows into the washing machine.

Add washing powder according to the package recommendations for the size of your wash load. Set the water temperature to warm.

Start the washing machine and wash the pillows in a short cycle that does not exceed approximately ten minutes. Run the rinse cycle at least three times to rinse the pillows thoroughly.

Remove the pillows from the washing machine and shake them out to redistribute the polyester filling. Place them into the dryer.

Set the dryer to low heat and begin the dry cycle. Stop the dryer every 15 to 20 minutes and remove the pillows to shake them. This will hasten the drying process. It may take several hours to dry the pillows in the dryer.

Remove the pillows from the dryer when they are completely dry and fluff them up before returning them to the bed.


Wash two polyester pillows together for a properly balanced load. If you do not have two pillows, add three large bath towels to the washing machine with one pillow to create a balanced load. Soak heavily soiled pillows for approximately 15 minutes in the washing machine filled with warm water and washing powder prior to the regular wash cycle. If the weather is sunny and warm, hang the pillows outside on a clothesline instead.


It is very important to ensure that the pillows are adequately dry inside because they will develop mildew if they are damp.

Things You'll Need

  • Polyester pillows
  • Washing machine
  • Washing powder
  • Dryer
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