How to wear boot knives

Updated November 21, 2016

Boot knives serve as a useful survival tool, a cleverly concealed self-defence weapon and sometimes a beautiful costume piece. Hikers, outdoor adventurers and those in the Armed Forces often wear boot knives as handy tools, using them for everything from cutting up and eating food to marking trails. Renaissance fair workers and attendees often wear them as part of their costumes; these knives are usually more elaborate, sometimes unsharpened and almost always "peace-tied" with plastic zip ties. Whatever the reason for wearing a boot knife, it is important to attach it to your boot properly. Without proper security, the knife is likely to fall off and leave those in the wilderness without a valuable weapon and costumiers absent of an important investment.

Put on your boots. Make sure the boot for your knife is slightly looser than your other boot; the boot for your knife is the boot corresponding to your dominant hand. You should be able to fit two fingers into the ankle of the boot.

Slip the entire blade of the knife into its sheath so that no exposed sharp edges may nick your ankle. Secure any snaps and straps that the sheath may have around the blade.

Pull the slide clip on the front of your sheath out from the sheath slightly, and slide the sheath inside your boot so that the clip slips over the outside of the boot. Wiggle the sheath to make sure it is secure; lift your ankle and wave your foot from side to side to check if the knife stays put -- if it doesn't, tighten your boot laces slightly.

Things You'll Need

  • Boot knife
  • Boot knife sheath
  • Boots
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