How to Export Contacts From iPhone to Outlook

Updated February 21, 2017

In today's technology-centric world, having needed information on demand at your fingertips is a necessity. Thankfully, iPhone users can sync calendars, contacts and other data between a computer and an iPhone. In fact, iPhone owners can share contact information between Outlook and iPhones very quickly and easily with a few clicks of a mouse using just a few simple steps.

Use the USB cable to connect the iPhone to the computer where the Outlook contacts you wish to sync reside. Since the Outlook contact file is stored locally on a machine and not shared throughout a network, connecting to another computer will not yield fruitful results.

Open iTunes once the iPhone is connected. In the left panel, you will see your device displayed. Clicking on the device in that pane will bring you to the Summary tab.

Click on the "Info" tab at the top of the screen in iTunes, located next to the Summary tab. This screen allows you to customise much of the information shared between a paired device and your iPhone. Since iPhones are able to be paired with up to three different devices, merging contact lists for three Outlook accounts is possible, but only if you have three different contact lists. The benefit of syncing data between three systems is that the iPhone allows you to be mobile and have access to the same data on three separate workstations.

Scroll down to the section that says, "Sync Address Book Contacts". From here, you may select "All Contacts" or "Selected Groups," and sync the data with Outlook. For the sake of this guide, select "All Contacts." You are also able to select a sync with a Yahoo! address book and Gmail address book, if desired.

Continue scrolling down to the "Advanced" section on the Info tab. This section provides an option to replace the information on the iPhone with the contacts from Outlook or other information synced with the iPhone. This is a user preference, and is an option in the event that you do not want to duplicate contacts that already exist within your phone when syncing. Once you have made all of the changes you desire, click the "Apply" button.

Navigate back to the "Summary" tab and click the button in the bottom-right corner of iTunes to sync. Once the sync is complete, all of the contacts in your Outlook file will appear in your iPhone.


You may need to clean up some of the data after syncing a contact file.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone 3G or better
  • USB connector cable
  • Computer with Outlook 2003 or 2007
  • Computer with iTunes 10.1 or higher
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