How to Decorate a Stair Landing

Figuring out how to decorate a stair landing in your home requires a little planning and forethought. Usually this is an overlooked area in a home, one that could be put to good use for additional storage or display. Three main ways that this space can be used is for an art gallery, a collection showcase or a library. It all depends on how large the area is that you have to work with and your interior design style.

Choose your favourite artwork to be featured on the wall. These could be treasured paintings or precious family photographs. If they all fit within the same theme or colour scheme, all the better.

Frame them all in the same style and/or colour to create a cohesive look. When decorating a stair landing, even if the prints themselves lack uniformity, the right frames can make them look like a matched collection. Add additional interest by matting and cropping the prints into different sizes if possible.

Map out where you are going to put them before hanging them on the wall. Try different patterns by alternating paper cutouts of the same sizes until you achieve the look that you want. Though the rule of thumb is that artwork should be hung at eye level, for a true gallery feel you can hang your pieces from floor to ceiling.

Buy, build or have built custom shelving to display your collection on. If you are going the custom route, insetting the shelves into the wall when decorating a stair landing creates even more architectural interest and additional space versus traditional hanging or floating shelves. Varying the size and shapes of the display hole is another way to bring in visual stimulation.

Arrange your collection as you would anywhere else in your home. Graduating sizes, pairing off in odd numbers and grouping things in the same colour or texture apply here as they do in any other interior design project. Play around with it until you feel that it is right.

Leave room for expansion. As your collection grows, make sure to have enough free area to accommodate the additions when figuring out how to decorate a stair landing. As a bonus, visitors may get some gift ideas when they see the empty spaces.

Buy bookshelves or have custom ones made to fit within the space. If you are lucky enough to have deep enough walls, insetting the shelving makes for a great architectural look, not to mention increasing the value of your home.

Create a seating area for a true reading nook. Have a custom bench built or place a small chair and in the space to relax in. Place a small table for additional display area and a space to set a favourite drink on while enjoying a good book.

Arrange the books on the shelves. Add other decorative elements such as pictures or collectibles to create more visual interest. When figuring out to decorate a stair landing you can even combine your library with an art gallery and a collection showcase if you are lucky enough to have the space in your home to do so.


Lighting is important in any interior design project, make sure to add additional fixtures as needed to show off your photographs, artwork, collection or just to read by.

Things You'll Need

  • Section 1: Art Gallery
  • Art or photographs
  • Similar coloured and/or styled frames
  • Paper templates
  • Section 2: Collection Showcase
  • Bookshelves
  • Collection
  • Section 3: Library
  • Shelves
  • Books
  • Seating
  • Decorative elements
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