How to cut a roll of carpet

woollen carpet texture image by Tolbxela from

Purchasing carpet by the roll can mean a large savings, especially if you have a large area to cover and plan to buy directly from the mill. The biggest problem a homeowner encounters with this project is learning how to cut a roll of carpet. Since standard carpet comes in 12- or 15-foot widths and a roll weighs several hundred pounds, it must be cut to fit each room in which it is to be installed. Luckily, cutting a roll of carpet requires only a few basic tools.

Measure the area where the carpet will be installed and add 1 foot to the length. The extra foot will give you 6 inches of installation scrap edge on either end in case the beginning edge of the roll of carpet is not uniform.

Unroll the carpet in a large open area, measuring the length you need for your installation.

Pull the piece of carpet over the roll so the back side of the carpet is exposed.

Cut the length of the carpet even with the edge of the roll, using a utility knife and taking care to cut away from your body and hands.

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