How to Care for Hyacinths

Updated February 21, 2017

Hyacinths are a garden favorite that are available in colors ranging from magenta to baby blue. These flowers have been around for centuries and Greek mythology claims they were named by the god Apollo. Grow these springtime bloomers for a fragrant addition to your home or garden.

Keep your hyacinths watered well, but allow the water to drain. You shouldn't let the soil stay soggy. Water your hyacinths either in the morning or late afternoon. Allow enough time for the leaves to dry completely before nightfall to cut down on the risk of fungus to your hyacinth. You can apply a gel to the roots of your hyacinths to retain moisture longer.

Cut away the flower stalks after your hyacinths bloom in the spring. Let the leaves remain on the plant and die on their own. Remove dead hyacinth leaves by either cutting them at their base or twisting the leaves while you gently pull them.

Apply compost to your hyacinths once every year. This ensures your hyacinths receive enough nutrients.

Allow your hyacinths to grow in an area with plenty of sunshine. Encourage healthy plants in a sunny area of your garden with a little bit of shade.


Plant new hyacinth bulbs each year to continue to grow larger flowers. The size of hyacinth flowers decreases each season.

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