How to Replace a Belt on a Panasonic Vacuum MCV7315

Updated March 23, 2017

The Panasonic MCV7315 is the entry-level model in the Panasonic MCV 7-series of upright vacuums. This line also includes the MCV7335 and the MCV7355. The operating instructions are the same for all Panasonic 7-series models. Replacing the belt in your Panasonic vacuum will keep your vacuum operating efficiently. It only takes five to 10 minutes to change the belt.

Turn your vacuum's power off. Turn the brush level selector at the base of your vacuum to the "Carpet" setting.

Unplug the power cord and turn the vacuum over, exposing the agitator brush bar and the wheels.

Remove the two Phillips screws in the centre, and then press the two locking tabs (right next to the wheels) to release the lower plate cover. Remove the cover and set it aside.

Lift the agitator brush bar up and carefully remove the end cap on the side where the belt is connected. The end cap also contains a washer. Do not lose the washer because you will need it to reinstall the agitator brush bar.

Remove the old belt from the agitator brush bar and slide the other side away from the motor shaft.

Attach the new belt to the motor shaft first. Wrap it around the agitator brush bar. Reattach the washer and the end cap.

Insert the agitator brush bar back into position. Place the cover back over the bottom of the vacuum. Push it in until the latch locks. Tighten the screws to finish.


Panasonic recommends replacing your belt every six months, even if it is not broken. You may need to replace it more frequently if you use your vacuum heavily.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Panasonic replacement belt UB8
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