How to Reset a Bell Combination Lock

Updated July 19, 2017

Four five seven zero... or was it five four zero seven? With so many numbers to remember in this day and age, adding a bike lock combination to the mix seems like just another hassle. If only your bike could be unlocked with a simple number, like a birthdate! Bell has come to the rescue with a combination lock you can easily set yourself once you know how. The Bell combination lock is a sturdy cable with a cylindrical locking mechanism with a four-digit combination dial. The opposite end of the cable fits into the combination end and locks.

Open the Bell combination lock with the original combination found with the packaging.

Turn the lock so the open end of the lock with the combination dials is facing you. You will see a red reset tab inside the top of the opening.

Press the red tab in and slide it downward until it clicks.

Twist the numbers into your new combination.

Pull the reset tab back up.

Close the lock. You can now unlock it with your newly set combination.

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