How to Remove Lines Above Upper Lip

Updated November 21, 2016

As you age, your skin begins to do all sorts of unpleasant things, like wrinkle. The upper lip is especially vulnerable to developing those fine lines that, although "fine," are extremely noticeable. After all, they're right in the middle of your face. But rest easy---they can be concealed and even wiped out, virtually slowing your skin's ageing process.

Keep your upper lip moisturised. During the day, use a moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15, which will prevent deepening of lines and ward off the formation of additional lines. In the evening, apply a nighttime moisturiser, which works to restore moisture to your skin as you sleep.

Apply a serum that contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid promotes the shedding of line-forming old skin cells, allowing new, smooth skin cells to emerge.

Plump up lines with a lip fixative. Lip fixatives fill in lines, thus preventing make-up and lipstick from seeping into the lines and making them more noticeable. After applying the fixative, lightly dust your skin with powder that contains reflective particles.

Strengthen your facial muscles. Close your mouth without clenching your teeth. Place one finger between your upper and lower lips and press your lips together tightly around your finger for a count of 10. Release the tension and repeat at least four more times. Do this exercise twice daily.

Resurface your skin. Performed only in the office of a qualified dermatologist, laser skin resurfacing uses a thin light beam to zap fine lines and wrinkles.

Get collagen injections. A qualified dermatologist injects collagen, a naturally occurring human protein, into your skin, filling in lines and smoothing wrinkles.


If you choose to receive collagen injections or laser skin resurfacing, make certain that your dermatologist is qualified to perform these procedures. Not all dermatologists have been trained in cosmetic dermatology.

Things You'll Need

  • Daytime moisturiser
  • Nighttime moisturiser
  • Glycolic acid serum
  • Lip fixative
  • Powder with reflective particles
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