How to make natural or vegetable glycerine soaps

Updated February 21, 2017

Making vegetable glycerine soaps is a fun and easy way to keep your family clean without exposing them to the harmful chemical ingredients found in commercial soaps. While cold-pressed soaps are complicated to make, glycerine soaps are very easy and do not require any caustic ingredients, like lye. Because of this, handmade glycerine soaps are gentle and soothing to the skin. Since making glycerine soaps is so easy, you can clean your whole family with your natural, handmade glycerine soaps, or give them away as gifts.

Melt the glycerine. Place the glycerine into a clean, empty coffee can, and put the coffee can into the top part of a double boiler. Pour water halfway up the bottom portion of the double boiler, and place the top part into the bottom. Put the entire container onto the hob. Heat the double boiler over medium-high heat, heating it slowly so that the glycerine melts completely, yet does not scorch. Stir the glycerine constantly until the solid glycerine turns into a clear, liquid form.

Add the fragrance, flowers, and colouring. Once the glycerine has melted, you can add the extra ingredients to customise your natural soap. This can include an essential oil, dried flower blossoms, such as lavender or chamomile, or natural mineral pigments that turn the soap a beautiful color.You can find essential oils, dried flower blossoms and natural mineral pigments at any crafts supply store, or through an online soap-making company. Each of these items are highly concentrated, so a small amount will go a long way. Add the chosen ingredients and mix well.

Pour the soap into the moulds. You can use individual moulds that have a design on one side, or a long, brick mould that will allow you to cut out bars of soap once the mixture cools. Pour the glycerine soap mixture into the moulds carefully to avoid burns. Place the moulds in an open area so they can cool down completely. Once cool, your handmade glycerine soap is ready to use.

Things You'll Need

  • 454gr. glycerine base
  • glass measuring cup
  • 7.09gr fragrance or essential oil
  • 1 tsp dried flower blossoms
  • soap moulds
  • double boiler
  • empty coffee can
  • natural pigment
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