How to Melt a Soap Bar

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Leftover soap bar pieces or unused bars of soap are often thrown away. Rather than toss out soap bars that have been deemed useless, you can recycle the bars and pieces of soap to make new bars of soap. They can also be used in other projects. Melting a bar of soap may seem like a straightforward project, but it shouldn't be done haphazardly. Pay attention so the soap doesn't burn.

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Grate your bar of soap or pieces of soap with a cheese grater.

Place the grated soap in a mixing bowl. Add just enough water to cover the soap pieces. Allow the water and soap to sit overnight to soften the soap pieces.

Pour water into the bottom portion of a double boiler. Heat the water to boiling and place the top portion of the double boiler on.

Spoon the softened, grated soap pieces into the top of the double boiler. Stir frequently as the soap pieces melt. Remove the double boiler from the heat as soon as your soap is melted.

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