How to Do Greek Party Decorations

Updated July 20, 2017

Are you planning to throw a party with a Greek theme? If you are then you will need to prepare for it accordingly. For starters, ask your invited guests to show up dressed up in Greek party clothes such as togas. This will add to the excitement, realism and fun. In addition to having people dress in Greek attire, how about making the atmosphere seem realistic? This can be done by decorating with ancient Greece in mind. Follow these simple instructions for decorations, and your guests may just think they are actually in ancient Greece!

Find some photographs of Greek architectural columns on the internet and have several of them printed out on paper that is the same height as your walls are from the floor to the ceiling. Another option is that you can print them out yourself by doing several sections of one of them and sticking them one above the other to create entire columns. Stick them to the walls in multiple places such as near the corners of rooms, the centre of walls, and even some sticking up behind pieces of furniture.

Get some Greek style pottery and fill the pieces with party snacks. Place them on end tables, coffee tables, on the main table and anywhere else where they can help impart the look of ancient Greece.

Print out large-sized letters from the Greek alphabet and place them strategically around the room on the wall.

Display a Greek flag in plain view in a room where the party is held.

Place an altar in a very obvious part of the room, and place a realistic stuffed animal on it as the "sacrifice."


Make sure there is a large quantity of food all around the rooms where the party is held, as the ancient Greeks used to stuff themselves at their celebrations. Play some Greek party music in the background throughout the party. You may be able to borrow some from your local library.

Things You'll Need

  • Greek pottery
  • Large printed Greek letters
  • Lots of party food
  • Altar
  • Stuffed animal
  • Pictures of some Greek columns
  • Toga
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