How to Get a Tanzanian Passport

Updated February 21, 2017

A government-issued passport grants Tanzanian citizens international travel and legal exit and entry into the country of Tanzania. It also serves as proof of identification and citizenship for the Tanzanian national entitled to it. Tanzanian passport requirements are now very strict, but the application process is simple as long as you follow the instructions closely and provide all necessary documents.

Visit the consulate office of the Tanzanian Embassy nearest you (see Resources) and request a passport application if you wish to apply in person. Otherwise, download the application from the Embassy of Tanzania website (see Resources) to process your application by mail.

Provide proof of your Tanzanian nationality by presenting any of the following documents: original birth certificate, certificate of Tanzanian nationality, declaration of Tanzanian nationality or naturalisation card.

Submit five copies of a colour passport photo 35mm by 45mm in size, taken against a light blue background. They must be a frontal portrait of the face taken without any glasses or anything worn on the head. The photos must be taken no more than 30 days before your passport application is processed.

Verify any applicable passport fees. This will vary depending on the currency of your country and whether you require expedited processing. Send a self-addressed prepaid envelope to the Tanzanian Embassy, and they will send you the new passport within 3 weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Passport application form
  • 5 passport photos
  • Passport fees
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