How to Restore a Toolbar in Explorer

Updated March 23, 2017

Having a toolbar disappear from the top of your Internet browser window without warning can be frustrating. Denying access to menus such as "File" and "Edit," hidden toolbars can prevent users from efficiently navigating the browser window. Fortunately, fixing this problem does not necessarily require contacting tech support. Internet Explorer users can restore hidden toolbars with just a couple of keyboard and/or mouse clicks.

Make sure toolbars are visible. Hit the "F11" key to disable full screen mode if it was previously on. Full screen mode hides the address and toolbars.

Right click anywhere within the toolbar area at the top of the Internet Explorer window.

Click next to the names of the toolbars--for example "Standard Buttons"--that you wish to be visible. Checkmarks will appear next to any selected toolbars.

Restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.


Internet Explorer users can customise their browser's toolbars. Right clicking on the toolbar area and selecting "Customize" allows users to customise icon size and other elements.

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