How to obtain a Brazilian passport

Updated April 08, 2017

The documents required for international travel can often be confusing. Moreover, the issuance and application process for passports and visas required for travel vary completely depending on the country of residency. To obtain a Brazilian passport (for Brazilians or naturalised Brazilians), one must present a myriad of documents, proof of payment and application to the Brazilian Federal Police. The process requires effort and time, and should not be left to the last minute before intended travel.

Acquire and complete all necessary forms and documentation. Renewal is not accepted if the passport has already expired; in such cases the application and document process must be completed in full as if applying for the first time. Required documents are: issued document of identification for all applicants above the age of 12; proof of voter registration and proof of having voted in the last election; for males above the age of 19, document verifying settlement with the compulsory military service through the ages of 19 and 45; for those not born in Brazil, a certificate of Naturalization; proof of GRU, or payment receipt from the bank for having paid the required document fee; previous passport (if applicable) of the applicant; document verifying CPF (Social Security Number); and a printed application form.

Apply for the passport online at the website of the Federal Police (see Resources below). If there are questions about completing the application details, call (55) 0800-9782336. The application must be completed online.

Pay the GRU within the declared time frame of the application. Once your application has been submitted and registered, you will be notified of a specific time frame in which to pay the GRU by.

Attend the appointment at the DPF (Federal Police), if required. Be sure to have the original documentation required and proof of GRU. Check the specific location for verification if an appointment is necessary; this information can be found on the Federal Police website under the "passport" section (see Resources below). Select the location on the list that will be presented to you on the website, or call your local prefecture. Look for the address and telephone number under the link "unidades" on the right side of the home page index.

Return to the Federal Police office of application on the date given to you at your application for the retrieval of your passport. The passport must be retrieved in person accompanied by a photo ID and signature.


The application cost for a Brazilian passport in July 2013 was set at R$200 (about £55).


Historically, the Brazilian passport has been the most sought after illegal passport on the black market due to the ethnic and culturally mixed make-up of Brazilian society. As such, security measures have and continue to increase regarding the issuing process as well and physical passport make-up.

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