How to Make a Diablo 2 Server

Updated April 17, 2017

Diablo 2 is one of Blizzard's most-played games, where players worldwide enjoy an intense storyline that plunges them into a mystical realm. Players can compete on Blizzard's server, but because of hacked key codes, lost CD keys and players' desires for a less "corporate" server, private servers are becoming more popular. Set up your own Diablo 2 server for you and your friends to play on.

Configure D2GS. In the D2GS folder, right click the d2gs.reg file and click edit. You will see a setting that reads "D2CSIP=" followed by an IP address. Change this preset IP address to the IP address of the computer that will run the server. Save your changes and exit the folder.

Go into the PvPGN/conf folder and open the d2cs.conf file in a text editor. Change the line realmname = D2CS to realmname = "my realm" with the quotation marks. You must use quotation marks if you want the name of your realm to have a space between the words. Without the quotes, my realm would show up as myrealm.

Change the IP address after servaddrs = [same IP that you used earlier]:6113

Change the IP address after gameservlist = [to the same IP address used above]

Change the line reading bnetdaddr = [to the same IP address used above]:6112

Save and close the document.

Open the PvPGN/conf folder and open the d2bds.conf file in a text editor and edit the IP addresses to match your server's IP address for the following lines: servaddrs = [your IP address]:6114 and gameservlist = [your IP address]

Save and close the file.

Open the PvPGN/conf folder. Open the realm.list file in a text editor. Change the line reading ["REALM IN d2cs.conf"] ["REALM DESCRIPTOIN"] [your IP address here] :6113 [PUBLIC SERVER IP] :6113 to match the settings we changed in the previous three steps. Save and close the file.

Boot the PvPGN emulator using the PvPGN.exe file. Open the PvPGN directory and click the install.bat file. Log into the PvPGN emulator as the Administrator. Select the start menu. Click settings. Click control panel. Click administrative tools and run the services. Start the D2DBS, D2CS and Diablo 2 closed server services.

If the services close down or disappear in the status column, one of the settings is wrong. Go back and check your work until all the services stay up and running.

Go to your start menu. Click run. Enter cmd and press enter. The command prompt will appear, type "telnet [IP address used in above steps] 8888"

You will see "password:" Type abcd123. Change maxgame to whatever you wish the maximum number of players on the server you be.


Familiarise yourself with the different admin consoles so that if problems arise, you will already have a jump on where to go to keep your game running. The more players you allow into a game, the more stressed your server will be. If your games start running slowly, try minimising the number of maximum players. PvPGN is constantly being revised. If you run into unexpected bugs or problems check the PvPGN website and forums.

Things You'll Need

  • PvPGN emulator file
  • Diablo 2 game server files (D2GS Beta6 Win32)
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