How to Properly Hang Dress Pants

Updated April 17, 2017

It can be disappointing to launder and iron dress trousers only to take them out to wear them and find that they are wrinkled. Hanging dress trousers properly can avoid unsightly creases and unwanted wrinkles. Use a high-quality clamp hanger or fold-over hanger and store dress trousers in a closet.

Launder and press dress trousers for storage in a closet.

Line up the trousers at the seams and fold flat.

Hang trousers by either the cuffs or the waistband on a clamp hanger. Make sure enough clearance is in your closet to hang the full length of the pant without creating any bends in them or forcing them to touch the floor or a shelf.

Hang dress trousers, alternatively, on a fold-over hanger, preferably with rubber padding. Smooth out the trousers so no wrinkles are created at the fold and make sure they are hung evenly over the bar.


Hang trousers folded over for closets with less vertical space. Use a clamp hanger in longer spaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Clamp hanger or fold-over hanger
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