How to buy beer kegs from a brewery

Buying a beer keg for your next large party or event might be more convenient than buying crates of beer or asking guest to bring their own drinks. If your guests bring their own beer, you might have a lot of bottles and cans to clean up the next day. Most large breweries don't supply kegs direct to the public, but many of the UK's micro-breweries do offer this service, as do some pubs. The best part of purchasing a keg from a brewery is that the beer often tastes better.

Call a few local breweries to find out what beers are available. Get prices for beer types and keg sizes you are interested in, and decide on what kegs to buy.

Call the brewery to place your order and tell them what date you need it by. Also, find out whether the distributor offers taps along with the kegs. Most do, but if not, you will have to find one elsewhere.

Two days before the event, call the brewery to ensure they have your order and inform them when you will pick it up. Some micro-breweries offer local deliveries.

On the day of the event, pick up the keg and get specific instructions on the return condition and time they would like it back. Typically, you will put a deposit down on the keg container, and when you return the keg, you will get your deposit back. Also, get instructions on how to tap the keg and draw the beer if you have not done it before.

Bring the keg to the event. If you want people to pitch in toward the cost, leave a sign nearby specifying the price per glass, and place a jar or person near the keg to collect the money. A good way of determining price is taking the cost of the keg and divide by 165, which is the approximate number of 350 ml servings in a standard keg.

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