What to Wear to a Job Interview for a Medical Receptionist

Updated March 23, 2017

Job interviews are all about first impressions, and nothing makes a bigger impression than a person's clothes. What you wear to a job interview may be the most important deciding factor for whether you get the job, and it's no different when you're interviewing to become a medical receptionist. As such, it's important to take a few moments and make sure you have the right wardrobe ready.

For Men

Dress professionally. Stay away from overly lush suits while still following the rule that you should be dressing one step above what normal workers wear. Since a medical receptionist generally dresses with slacks, a nice collared shirt and perhaps a tie, wearing a toned-down single-colour suit would be appropriate. Almost as important: Make sure your clothes are pressed before the big interview.

For Women

Dress conservatively while maintaining a professional aura. If you wear a blouse and pantsuit, coordinate the colours and have the pieces properly pressed. If you wear a dress, choose one that's not too short. If you wear high heels, make them mid-level so they are easy to walk around in, in case the interview includes a tour of the facilities. Wear a minimal amount of jewellery and perfume, as too much of either distracts the interviewer from the content of your interview.

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