Salon Code of Conduct

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A salon code of conduct will allow your business to function in a professional manner. Your salon employees will be aware of what you as an owner expect of them when dealing with your clients. A code of conduct should clearly state what's appropriate dress and behaviour, and offences that might result in termination.


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Every successful industry has standards and best practices. Create a salon code of conduct document outlining expectations for employees. Advisory services and management consulting firms can help you devise a manual appropriate for the salon industry. Require this manual of conduct to be signed by new employees and, if needed, revised at staff meetings.


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Include a mission statement so employees know what your vision of your business is. Dress code and attendance expectations should be made clear. Cover how phones should be answered and appointments made; the telephone is sometimes the first client contact. Include sections on proper salon conversation, tolerance and respect toward others.


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Regular staff discussions on conduct is an integral part of any successful salon. You can diffuse most situations by maintaining management presence. Make clients aware you have a salon code of conduct for your employees. Clients will appreciate and respect that your salon is run in a professional manner

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