How to remove conime.exe

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017

Conime.exe is a malware file that camouflages itself to look like a typical Windows file. But it isn't, and can cause damage to the computer and the user. Normally, it will just sit there and take up space on the hard drive, which will end up slowing down the system. But there are the rare occurrences where the file can save personal information and send it to another user over the internet connection. This depends on the location of Conime.exe. Either way, the file will need to be removed to keep the system and the user's identity safe.

Download the Unlocker software. Click "Unlocker," then "Save File" when asked if you want save the file.

Double click the newly downloaded file. It will appear in a "Downloads" pop-up window or as an icon on the desktop. Click "OK," then "Run" when asked if you want to run the program.

Click "Next" when the installation wizard launches, then follow the remaining prompts to complete the installation.

Locate the Conime.exe file. It will be in the "C:\Windows" folder or "C:Windows\System32" subfolder. Click the file once and hit "Delete." It most likely will not delete because it has been encrypted or "in use."

Right click the file and select "Unlocker." This will open a new window displaying all the locks on the file. Click "Unlock All," then "Quit." The file can now be deleted.

Single click Conime.exe again and click "Delete." This time the file will be removed and sent to the "Recycle Bin."

Right click the "Recycle Bin" and click "Empty Recycle Bin." Conime.exe will now be removed permanently.

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