How to Wear a Sporran

Updated March 23, 2017

A sporran is the pouch-like accessory worn with a kilt and is part of traditional Scottish attire. Since many kilts do not have pockets, sporrans are used for holding money, keys and other essential items. Daytime and formal sporrans are distinguished by different decorative elements such as tassels. If you are planning to experiment with a kilt for the first time, familiarise yourself with the correct way to wear a sporran.

Clip the chain onto the rings located on the back of the sporran. Stretch the chain behind you so that the sporran sits over your abdomen.

Swivel the chain around to bring the buckle to the front.

String the straps through the fabric loops at the back of the kilt. Close the buckle and tuck the end of the strap into the small loop next to the buckle.

The sporran should hang no more than two or three inches below navel level. When dancing or driving, slide the sporran to the side until it hangs over the left hip.


Pricier sporrans with a face made of fur are considered to be appropriate for all occasions.

Things You'll Need

  • Sporran and accompanying chain
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