How to Install FlexiSpy on a Cell Phone

The days of not being able to monitor an individual's cell phone activity have now come to an end. There is now software on the market that will allow you to monitor not only calls, but also text messages that are sent and received on a cell phone. This can be a great feature to ensure that your 10-year-old, who just got a new cell phone, is not placing calls or receiving text messages that are inappropriate for her age.

Visit the FlexiSpy website (see Resources) to purchase the FlexiSpy software program. Upon purchasing, FlexiSpy will e-mail you a "FlexiKey" code that will be needed to install the software.

Check your e-mail to obtain the FlexiKey code.

Open the Internet browser on the mobile phone that you want to install FlexiSpy on. Enter the website address

Enter your FlexiKey code from step 2. Click "Download." The software will automatically download onto your phone. Power your phone off and back on again after the download has completed.

Activate the FlexiSpy program by calling "*#900900900" from the phone the software was downloaded on. Type your FlexiKey code and click "Activate." You will receive a pop-up window confirming that FlexiSpy has been activated on the phone.

Customise your FlexiSpy settings by dialling "*#" followed by your FlexiKey code. This will open the FlexiSpy settings screen on the phone.

Select the "Web" option. Click on "Test Connection" to ensure that the FlexiSpy software is working. Once you have verified the connection is working, press "Options" and "Settings" to customise.

Click on the "General" tab to select what notifications you want to receive--for example, calls only, or calls and text messages.

Select "Options." Click "Start Collecting" to start collecting information from the phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Web-enabled cell phone
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