How to Add Seats to a Van

Updated July 20, 2017

Installing an extra seat or replacing the seat in your van can be a quick and simple task. The hardest part about installing a seat is finding the perfect fit. You can find good quality seats at any given junkyard. Make sure they have your make and model in stock. Replacing a seat with one out of a similar van will make the job less time-consuming. Check what conversion package your van has if any. The seats out of a Starcraft Conversion will be different than, say, a seat out of the Mark 3 conversion package.The best way to tell if the seat will be suitable is to measure the old seat at the bottom from the right-side-bolt mounting bracket to the left. If the measurements are the same, then the headache of changing out seats will be minimal.

Locate the area where you want the seat to rest. Ensure you have leg room and sufficient space between the new seat and the one in front of it.

Measure the space where the bolts are going to go. Measure it from the bolt hole to the wall of the van. Measure from the back door to the bolt hole as well. You will need these measurements to ensure that drilling will not puncture anything under the vehicle.

Mark your spot on the floor to indicate where you will be drilling. Move the seat aside to make room for drilling.

Drill out the required holes. Ensure the drill bit is as thick as the bolts supplied for mounting the seat to the floor. Drill at least four holes in the van floor.

Place the seat above the holes. Ensure they line up correctly. You should be able to see the ground from the hole drilled in the floor.

Place the bolt through the floor board. Ensure there is a washer between the seat mounting bracket and the bolt.This will prevent the bolt from backing off over time. This will also make sure the bolt does not work through the bracket.

Tighten the nut underneath the van. Ensure there is a washer between the nut and the floor. This will prevent the seat from loosening as well. You might need some help as the bolt will turn when you go to torque the bolt down. Have a partner hold the bolt with a wrench as you tighten the top end of it.

Repeat this step on the remaining three bolts. The seat will sit tight on the floor if the bolts are tightened correctly.


Double-check your measurements before you drill. You do not want to puncture the brake or fuel lines when you drill.

Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet
  • Socket set
  • Measuring tape
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