How to Make a Panther Costume

A panther costume is great for Halloween parties, theme parties, and also can be useful on the stage. Of course, you will need to make your panther costume to get it for a reasonable price. You can do this easily with a few clothing items, make-up and a few small costume accessories.

Unless you are planning to go as the Pink Panther, your panther costume should be black. Begin with skin-tight black clothing as the base of your costume. You can wear leather trousers or leggings with a close-fitting long sleeve top, or you can wear a leotard and tights (recommend for ladies). You should complete this costume with a pair of black shoes or knee high boots.

Use your black fabric to make the tail for your costume. Cut out a strip of fabric from the tail that is six inches wide and two yards long. You will need to connect two one-yard pieces. Sew the fabric into a tube and stuff it with the batting. To make the tail still you can use bunting or cotton wrapped up in the material to form a rounded tail. If you can find a long, stiff wire, thread that through the tail as well as it will help you give it a great shape. Pipecleaners woven together or a hanger may help. Close the ends of the tail and attach it to the back of the costume.

Use the headbands and leftover fabric to make the ears. Cut triangles out of the fabric and sew together around the pipe cleaners also shaped into triangles and attach them to the headband.

Use face paint or a mask for the panther face. A half panther mask is pretty easy to find, looks great, and allows you to eat and usually has ears attached. You can be more creative with face paint. You should practice putting on the face paint a few times before the final event to get it perfect.


For a child panther, or a modest panther costume, you can purchase or make black footed pyjamas to use as the base of your costume. There are many patterns to help you make footed pyjamas.

Things You'll Need

  • Black clothing or bodysuit
  • 1 yard of black material
  • Cotton or batting
  • Black mask or make-up
  • Head band
  • Pipe cleaners


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