How to Open the SD Slot on a Toshiba Satellite

A Secure Digital (SD) card is a memory card used to expand a computer's portable storage capacities. The Toshiba Satellite, a business- and consumer-focused laptop manufactured by Toshiba, incorporates a built-in SD slot. This enables consumers to load movies, pictures and other media from SD-capable devices, such as digital cameras and camcorders, directly into their computer.

Locate the Secure Digital (SD) slot on the Toshiba Satellite. Depending on your specific laptop model number, the location of the SD slot may vary. Typically, the SD slot is located on the front, right-hand edge of the laptop.

Press the brown lever that is recessed into the side of the SD slot. This will eject any Secure Digital cards that are currently in the slot. It is important to eject any media before opening the SD slot to insert a new card.

Open the SD slot. The slot is protected by an unsecured, small plastic flap which may be opened by pressing your finger into the opening.

Insert a new SD card. The Toshiba Satellite laptop will immediately recognise the new media and will display its contents as a folder on your desktop. Alternatively, you may view the SD card's contents by opening "My Computer" and double-clicking the SD drive icon.

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