How to Create a Hit Counter in HTML

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to track the number of visitors to your website without having to pull up your web page statistics, a visible hit counter may be for you. Visible hit counters are displayed directly on your website. You can add one by copying and pasting the counter's code directly into your HTML. You will find a host of free hit counters (some are included below) by doing an online search.

Conduct an online search for a free hit counter, such as, and

Read the terms/agreement for using the free hit counter.

Choose a style for your hit counter.

Register your account by including a user name, password, starting count for your hit counter, a valid e-mail address and the URL of the page where the hit counter will be added.

Accept the terms/agreement and follow them. A html code will be generated for your hit counter.

Copy the html code provided. It may be similar to: Free Counters

Free Counter

Or another provided by, which allows you to track "all hits" or "unique visitors": Website Hosting Services Website Hosting Services

Open your preferred text editor (such as Notepad or WordPad) and scroll to the area of your page where you want the hit counter to appear. Most hit counters are placed on the bottom of the page, just above the tag.

Paste the hit counter code to each page you want to place the hit counter and save your HTML file.

Check your web hosting account for a hit counter in your package. Contact your hosting company if you need help finding it.

Choose to add your hit counter publicly or to track your visitors privately with an invisible counter or web statistics.

Follow the hit counter wizard provided by your web host.

Select to track unique visitor or all hits.

Open your web page in FrontPage.

Switch to Normal view if your page opens in a different view.

Place your cursor where you want your hit counter to appear on your page.

Select "Insert/Web Component" from the menu.

Choose "Hit Counter" under the "Component Type" category.

Click the hit counter style/design you want to use.

Hit "Finish"

Save your page (File/Save)

Upload your web page to a hosting account that supports FrontPage extensions.

Things You'll Need

  • Text editor of your choice (option 1)
  • Web hosting account (option 2)
  • FrontPage (option 3)
  • Web browser
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