How to Remove a Ford F150 Hood Latch

Updated July 19, 2017

The Ford F-150 uses a two-stage hood latch designed to allow a remote unlatching mechanism and to also prevent the hood from flying open if the main latch should accidentally release while the vehicle is moving. This latch is very reliable and provides many miles of service before problems arise. Should a problem occur due to excess wear it is possible to remove and replace a Ford F-150 hood latch without the need for any special tools.

Open the bonnet and locate the safety catch cable. Press in the lock tabs on the cable end while attempting to pull the cable back and out of the bracket. Once removed from the bracket twist the cable forward and away from the latch to release the end of the inner cable from the safety catch.

Locate the two 8mm attaching bolts and remove them with a socket wrench. The latch will now come away from the mounting bracket.

Remove the primary release cable from the hood latch in the same manner as that used to remove the safety catch cable.

Working from behind the grill remove the two attaching bolts as a first step if the hood release will not open the bonnet. The only way to open a hood when the release will not work is to reach up from behind the bumper and grill and remove the latch . This will allow opening the bonnet far enough to remove the cables from the latch to allow it to be removed and replaced.


Frequent lubrication will enable the F-150 hood latch to last the life of the truck.

Things You'll Need

  • 8mm socket wrench
  • Pliers
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