How to Build a Clay Pigeon Thrower

Updated April 17, 2017

A crucial element of skeet shooting is having a good pigeon launcher. Fortunately, one is relatively easy to make by hand.

Glue the two paint can lids together, using superglue or rubber cement only along the edges, fastening them top-to-top. The two exposed sides should be the sides that formed the insides of the lids.

Place a clay pigeon on top of the lids and trace around it with a marker to provide a rough guide for where you will cut.

Cut out a U-shape just inside the traced outline. Clay pigeons are 4 5/16 inches; the U should be about 4 1/4 inches wide.

Use the hacksaw to cut off the sharp corners at the open end of the U-shaped cut. Remove about half an inch from each side.

Draw a straight line from the apex of the U to the edge of the lids. This line will be parallel to the sides of the U, and run from the bottom of the U to the edge of the lids.

Draw another line from the bottom of the U at a 45-degree angle from the first. This will serve as the guide for your drilling.

Drill two holes through both lids at points 1-inch apart, along the angled line.

Drill two holes 1-inch apart through the middle of the broom handle, one inch from the end.

Use the jigsaw to cut out a notch from the end of the broom handle, 3-inches deep and half an inch wide, perpendicular to the drilled holes.

Slide the broom handle over the lids so the holes in the handle line up with the holes in the lids.

Insert the bolts, and tighten on the wing nuts. The opening of the thrower should be 57.2 degrees Crom the extension of the handle.

Things You'll Need

  • Two paint can lids
  • Sawed-off broom/mop/rake handle
  • Hacksaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • 2 1-inch bolts with wing nuts
  • Superglue/rubber cement
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