How to make marzipan animals

Updated November 21, 2016

Making marzipan animals is a fun and wonderful way to get creative. You can use your marzipan for candies or cake decorations. The consistency is much like play dough, so it is easy to construct your animals. Here are a few examples of easy animal shapes that you can make.

Begin by taking your marzipan blocks and breaking them into small pieces. Marzipan blocks can be bought at art/craft supply stores such as Michael's.

Place your broken marzipan pieces into bowls.

Add food colouring to your broken pieces, depending on the colour of your animals.

Make a dark brown, light brown and black coloured marzipan. Choose one main colour that you want your dog to be.

Form the shape of your dog by making an almost pear shape. Make the shape slightly large at one end.

Take another piece of your marzipan and start rolling it to shape a ball.

At the end of the ball, start shaping a nose like a dog's. This may take some practice and patience. Apply egg white to the end with an artist's paintbrush and place it on the dog's body.

With the other coloured marzipan, take two small pieces and make dog's ears in the shape of raindrops. Using a paint brush, take some egg white and apply it to the ears. Gently place the ears onto each side of the dog's head.

Take a small piece of marzipan and split it into two pieces. This will be the eyes of your dog. Take two very small pieces of black marzipan and split them into two. This will be the pupils. Use egg whites to place the eyes onto your dog.

Take a small piece of black marzipan to place at the end of your dog's nose. Use the end of a paintbrush to shape in the nostrils. Now take a long piece of marzipan, and shape a tail. Apply it with egg white.

Make pink marzipan. Shape two pieces into balls. Make the body slightly larger.

Take two small pieces for the ears, and shape them into tear drops. Use white marzipan for the centre of the ears, and apply it with egg white. Take the ears and place them onto the head with egg white. Gently bend one ear over.

Take two small pieces of white marzipan to make the eyes. Use two small pieces of black marzipan for the pupils. Put the eyes onto the head with egg whites.

For the teeth, make very small rectangles with white marzipan. You can gently draw whiskers onto the face with a paintbrush (using food colouring), or use small pieces of black marzipan.

Make four pink rolls (like cylinders) to create the legs. Use egg white to gently place the body together (head to body, legs to body).

Things You'll Need

  • Marzipan blocks
  • Food colouring
  • Artist's paintbrushes
  • Bowls
  • Egg whites
  • Toothpick (optional)
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