How to Conduct a Free Car History Check in Ireland

Updated April 17, 2017

Typically, car history check companies do not offer free car history checks. Cartell, the leading car history check site in Ireland, offers a free check that allows you to verify if the car has been stolen and that the registration matches the vehicle. Cartell's research concluded that up to one in three used vehicles has an undesirable history.

Go to Cartell is the official car history check company for cars registered in Ireland.

Enter the vehicle's registration number into the field that says "Enter Registration" and click "Get Report." Remember to enter the number under "Irish Car Check" not "UK Car Check." You do not need the vehicle's VIN number, only the registration number.

Select a "One Star Report" to get a free identification/history check. The Two, Three, and Four Star reports are performed for a fee. The free report will pop up in your web browser window instantaneously. This is the most comprehensive free car history check in Ireland. The report will reveal if the car has ever been stolen and if the registration number is correct.


Before buying a used car, you are encouraged to pay for a more complete car history report that includes information, such as outstanding finance and an odometer check. You can get a report for as little as €10 at various car check sites.

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