How to write a chairperson's report

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The purpose of a chairperson's report is to reflect on the activity and mission of groups and individuals within the organisation. Writing a chairperson's report is not difficult. The chairperson's report is a welcoming look at the organisation's undertaking during an established time period.

The chairman reviews activity during the previous quarter or year, welcomes staff and new appointments, and reviews organizational triumphs. The chairperson's report is part of the annual report to the organizational membership. However, the chairman may write quarterly reports. According to How To Do Business Guides this is not a lengthy report with statistics and should be no more than 1000 words in length.

Prepare to write your report by obtaining copies of previous chairperson's reports to get a feel for the important information relevant to your organisation. Review recent program progress reports . Make a checklist of programs and donors that must be acknowledged. Make a special note of changes in leadership and new donors who came on board. Highlight accomplishments as well as future plans.

Write the first draft of your report. Give a brief overview of organizational opportunities and activity during the past quarter or year. Be detailed but brief. Next describe the biggest achievements with acknowledgements and thanks to everyone involved in the project. Discuss each achievement or program separately and thank the donors or funding sources. Acknowledge new donors giving special thanks for their participation in your program. Take a paragraph to discuss organizational leadership. Thank board members who departed and acknowledge new members. Conclude with an optimistic view of the upcoming quarter or year.

Edit your report. Read it line by line to make sure it flows easily from one thought to another in an orderly manner. Organise topics. Check for grammatical errors. Observe the tone of the report. The chairperson's report should be a cheerful, optimistic look at the status of the organisation as well as project hope for future accomplishments.