Uses for Old Bed Pillows

Updated February 21, 2017

When old bed pillows lose their appeal or become irreparable, you don't have to toss them on a trash heap somewhere to take up space. Instead, create something new and different from your unwanted possessions. You have plenty of ways exist to recycle you pillows, from ripping them open and using the stuffing to sewing them together to make a new type of pillow.

Save the Stuffing

Even if the outside of the old bed pillow proves worthless, you can reuse the stuffing lurking inside for new pillows and projects. Instead of spending money on new stuffing, recycle the insides of your old pillows by cutting them open with a pair of scissors and packing the stuffing into an old pillowcase. You can then tie the pillowcase shut and wash and dry the stuffing before using it again.

Recover and Reuse

If you've ever shopped for decorative pillows for your bed, you know that they can prove quite pricey. When you have some old pillows you no longer need, you can make some pretty shams or covers for them that match your bed or a bed in a guest room. Once you cover the old pillows, they'll have a fresh, new look.

Pet Bed

Dog beds can prove expensive, but you can remedy that by using an old bed pillow for your dog's resting place. If the pillow is too fluffy or lumpy for your pet's comfort, cut it open and remove some of the stuffing before sewing it closed. Cover the pillow with an old fleece blanket. Cut the blanket to fit, and stitch the edges together. Crude is OK; your pet won't mind. Or you can choose a more creative approach, such as taking bits and pieces of your old clothing and stitching them together as a cover for the pillow.

Create Something New

Rather than spend your money on new pillows or cushions for your home, recycle your old bed pillows. Some ideas from "Eco-Chic Home: Remake, Reuse & Recycle Your Way to Sustainable Style" by Emily Anderson and Seth Smoot include tying several of the pillows together and covering them with fabric to create a large floor cushion that you can use for sleeping or lounging. Or cover the pillows with fabric, blankets or cute shams and stack them, tie them and place a tray on top for a table.

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