How to Start a Boot Camp Work Out Business

Updated March 23, 2017

A boot camp workout makes a great idea for a fitness business because it does not take a lot of expensive equipment, or even a very large space to begin. The boot camp workout is centred on the basic Army style calisthenic program that is designed for optimum fitness in all areas from cardio to strength and fat reduction. Preparing to start your own boot camp workout business begins with familiarising yourself with the basics of callisthenics, but it doesn't end there. Even though it is simple there are still some very important things you need to do, and some light equipment that you may want to purchase. Follow these guidelines.

If you are going to call your class "Boot Camp Workout" and adhere to the specific regime laid out by the company that owns the "Boot Camp" franchise, you will need to buy its licensing. This has some benefits as the low-cost start up comes with some valuable training instructions.

Become a personal trainer, or hire someone who is to teach the classes. It is not legally necessary to have a personal trainer conduct your classes, but you will find customers more interested in a fitness business with certified instructors.

Decide where you will hold your classes. If you have a large home with a big enough room, basement or garage space and live in a metropolitan area, you could begin your business right in your own home, but be sure to check local zoning laws for any restrictions on home-based businesses, including if you need are required to have a certain amount of space for customer parking.

Get insured. Any type of fitness related business is prone to injuries both your own, any staff you might hire, and definitely your clients. Get insurance to protect you from claims against your business of any type.

Look into alternative areas for your classes if your home isn't big enough, or it is not legal to conduct a public business at your home. Public parks can make lovely spaces for classes if your city allows the use for income related businesses.

Look for a suitable open space in a commercial building for rent if all else fails. Make sure that it has bathroom facilities and a changing area.

Understand that boot camp workouts can be done in 10-, 20- and 30-minute regimens. Decide if you will offer all at various times, or if you will focus on a particular one workout as well as offering levels of ability from beginner to advanced classes. Developing a schedule to allow for a wide variety will attract you the most customers.

Advertise in your local paper, phone book, online on a website, and check out your local radio stations to see if they have certain times where you can promote your business.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand weights (dumbbells)
  • Resistance bands
  • Skipping ropes
  • Stability balls (optional)
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