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How to start a baby store

Updated March 23, 2017

Opening up a baby store can be a great success. Babies require many different goods and the supply will keep on coming. Many people find joy in looking at baby items and shopping for baby gifts. So, why not be the one to supply those popular items. Before opening up a baby store, make sure to get to know what products sell best, and learn the guidelines that will lead you to success.

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Create a plan for what type of set-up you would like to use for your store. It can be helpful to visit various baby stores in order to see what stands out as most impressive to you and what doesn't. Take notes on what you like, such as using bright colours or certain baby themes. While some may want to keep it simple, others may enjoy the look of paintings on the wall, such as, nursery rhymes or fairy tale themes. Many options are available when it comes to designing a baby store.

Study products that sell. Basic necessities, toys, and furniture are just some of the items you could sell. However; it's important to decide what kind of products you would like to sell and look into what items seem to be most sought after. It's also essential that you look into different types of brands. If you are going to sell cribs or car seats, make sure no recalls are out on the items that you are selling. Overall, it's important to put safety first when starting a baby business.

Pick a location that is near a busy intersection or that can easily be seen by the public. It's also sometimes best to rent rather than purchase property, especially during low economic times. Overall, it may be smart to sign a short lease when just starting out. This way you can give your company time to grow and see if your business becomes relatively profitable.

Consider purchasing a franchise. Purchasing a franchise provides many benefits. The company will take the time to help you with setting up the store, provide professional training, information on inventory guidelines, options for computer programs and advertising for getting started. If you want to be successful, it's important to learn what it takes and a franchise may be the key to your investment. Just remember to soak up all the benefits you can from them by getting all of your questions answered.

Save enough money before starting your baby business. It's helpful to have approximately six months of monthly fees saved for operating your business and paying any necessary employees in which you plan to hire. This gives the store time to grow before expecting a steady income. Keep in mind, as with any business, unexpected accidents might occur, so be sure to be financially prepared by setting money aside. Having this money set aside also will help show your business lender that you are financially prepared.

Acquire a business license. Opening up a baby store will require getting a business license. The rules and regulations will vary depending on your state and locality. Use a website such as the government's Business website and enter in your information to get the forms you will need to get your business license or permit (see References). You also will receive information on getting a tax ID, which you can use for paying your business taxes.

Gather all the documents you need for a business loan, if necessary. If you are in need of a loan to get your business up and running, it's best be prepared when applying. Remember that lenders want to know your situation and what entitles you to a loan before gaining your trust. The documents you will need are: A business plan, which is a detailed plan of why you need the money and how the money will be spent; Cash flow projections, which is proof that you will be able to pay back the loan and is the most important information a lender will need; Financial status, which is a list of your assets and debts, as well as income; and a credit report.

Shop around and look for wholesale distributors to fill your inventory. Many various wholesale products can found and purchased online. Take time to compare prices to get the best deals on your inventory supplies. Or if selling used items, you can offer credit for gently used baby clothes and equipment.

Talk to your franchise about the types of insurance you should get for protecting your small business. They will let you know what your options are and what type of protection is necessary.

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