How to Disassemble a Toshiba Satellite Laptop Computer

Updated April 17, 2017

If one of the internal components of your Toshiba Satellite series laptop has failed or you just want to upgrade a part for increased performance, you will need to open up the case and take several parts out. Disassembling a Toshiba laptop is much more involved than taking apart a larger desktop machine because of the many devices connected together in such a small space.

Put on an anti-static wrist strap or touch any metal object connected to the floor to disperse the built up static electricity in your body.

Power off the Toshiba Satellite laptop and then close the lid. Turn the entire unit over. Press down on the battery latch and pull the battery out of the laptop. Remove the screw on the side of the case closest to you and pull the DVD drive out of the bay located next to the battery port. Disconnect the cable running out of the case into the DVD drive.

Find the square plastic cover at the centre of the case and remove the two screws on either side. Pull the cover out so that the memory modules are visible. Pull the memory modules out of their slots.

Take out the screw on the right side of the case holding the hard drive bay in place. Pull out the hard drive and set it aside. Remove the four remaining screws on the bottom side of the case. Flip the laptop back over.

Open the lid and fully extend it back so that the entire laptop is laid out flat. Pull out the rubber stoppers along the edges of the LCD screen and then remove the screws underneath them.

Insert a small flat object such as the head of a flat screwdriver underneath the plastic piece located in between the LCD screen and the keyboard. Lift the entire piece up with the flat object until it pops out.

Take out the screws holding the small circuit board with the LED indicator lights on them to the motherboard. Disconnect the cable running from the circuit board to the motherboard. Pull the circuit board out of the laptop.

Take out the four screws holding the keyboard down and then lift the keyboard up. Remove the cable running to the motherboard and set the keyboard aside.

Pull out the screws holding down the screen hinges. Pull off the hinges and then disconnect the screen from the case. Pull the screen cover off of the screen.

Remove the screws holding down the remaining components that are connected to the motherboard such as the processor heat sink, the wireless card, and the VGA graphics card. Remove the components from the motherboard. Lift the processor directly up and off the motherboard once the heat sink has been removed.

Take out the screws holding the hard drive and DVD drive bays into place and then pull the bays off the motherboard. Lift the entire motherboard straight up and out of the case to complete the disassembly process.


Keep several containers nearby to hold the differently sized screws in different locations and prevent them from rolling off your workspace.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
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