How to make homemade rabbit toys

Rabbits are playful pets that enjoy interactive and engaging toys. Offered at larger pet stores, toys for rabbits can often be costly since they will eventually be chewed and destroyed. Homemade rabbit toys are an easy way to keep your pet budget in line, and keep the pet rabbit happy and entertained. By using a few simple supplies from around the house, you can easily make homemade rabbit toys.

Save toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes to use as a base for a rabbit toy. Clean off any left over tissue or glue so the cardboard surface is clean. Do not use the tube if it is printed with ink.

Stuff the tubes with alfalfa or timothy hay. Hold your hand over one end of the tube, and stuff the tube so it is packed tight with the treat. Allow some of the alfalfa or hay to stick out each end, so the rabbit will be enticed to chew and roll the toy with his nose.

Cut a small branch from an untreated fruit tree. Avoid any trees that have been sprayed with pesticides, fertilisers or other chemicals. Cut the branch into small 6-inch sections. Use a drill to make a hole through one end of the branches. Thread a small piece of bailing twine through the hole, and hang several small branches from the lid of the rabbits cage so he had chew and nudge them.

Use pieces of untreated wood scraps for chew block toys. Do not use pine wood. The aromatic oils in pine can cause upper respiratory problems in small mammals. Choose hard woods such as walnut or maple. Cut the wood scraps into small pieces, roughly the size of a plum or kiwi fruit.

Share dried apple rings with the pet rabbit as a tasty toy. Thread bailing twine trough the open centre of a few dried apple slices. Tie the slices from the roof of the rabbit cage with enough twine to let them dangle down for the rabbit to chew on.


Make sure all rabbit toys are made from edible products. Rabbits love to chew on their toys, and eat pieces that fall off. Never make rabbit toys out of plastic, metal or vinyl.

Things You'll Need

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Alfalfa or timothy hay
  • Untreated wood scraps
  • Fruit tree branches
  • Hand drill
  • Bailing twine
  • Dried apples
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