How to Change Audi TT Headlights

Updated February 21, 2017

The Audi TT is a sporty car with lots of power and luxury. It's also a great driving machine all around. But you want to have the best possible headlights to make use of all this engineering. Changing the headlights in an Audi TT is a task you will do every year or so to keep your lights bright and functional. It can be done in about an hour.

First, select the new headlights you want to install. The Audi TT can use a high-intensity discharge (HID) bulb or an light-emitting diode (LED) package. Choose which one you want from an auto parts store.

To access the headlights, you must pop the boot and remove the headlights from behind the casings. Open the boot and find the back of the headlight wires. These should feed right into the middle of the headlight assembly.

Loosen the securing screws around the headlight connection. The connection is a small plastic piece at the end of the wires. Some twisting and manoeuvring may be needed to get at the screws. Loosen all the screws but do not completely remove them.

Once the screws are loosened, twist the headlight connector until it pulls freely out of the headlamp case. The bulb and connector will come out together.

Release the headlight bulb from the connector by depressing the clip or attachment (some models may have different types of clips) and pull out the bulb.

Insert the new bulbs by sliding them into the connectors. Replace the bulbs in the headlamp. Turn and lock them in place behind the screws, then tighten the screws to secure them.


Some models may have additional trim around the radiator or engine grille that must be removed to access the headlights. If you can't see the back of the headlamps, you may need to remove this trim.

Things You'll Need

  • New headlights
  • Screwdriver
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