How to Grow Daffodils From Seed

Updated November 21, 2016

Daffodils are beautiful flowers that usually represent the fact that spring is here. Normally daffodils are grown from a bulb, but many have grown their daffodils from seed. It takes patience and a little work to grow these flowers from seed, as you won't see flowers for 3 to 4 years. Dedicating a special section of your garden for the seedlings could be the key to their survival, since when first coming up they look like a weed. You can also harvest your own seed from your mature daffodils instead of buying them if you are an avid gardener.

Place the seeds in pots with artificial soil. Cover the seeds with soil and water them with warm water. Keep them damp until you start to see them sprout. They will look like new grass coming up.

Transplant the seedlings to a designated area of the flower garden. Before planting dig down a couple of feet and put in landscape fabric to keep weeds out of the section. Pick a place that has sun most of the day or most of the morning. Plant them only as deep as they were in the pots. Make sure this area will not grow weeds, as you will not be able to tell the weeds apart from seedlings and the weeds will choke off the delicate new daffodils.

Keep the soil damp for at least 3 weeks after transplanting and water regularly after that. Do not allow them to dry out for very long. Use a gentle compost for fertiliser, such as a tea compost.

Continue to fertilise and water well each year thereafter after the last frost. You should see nice sized flowers by the forth year.

Things You'll Need

  • Daffodil seeds
  • Flower pots
  • Artificial soil
  • Compost
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