How to find a text message history

Updated March 23, 2017

Text message history allows you to review previous messages that someone sent to your cell phone. The feature allows you to examine the name of the person who sent you the text message and the nature of all messages received from the recipient. You may find this particularly beneficial if you have received messages from marketers you may not want to communicate with. On the other hand, if someone tells you that they reached out to you but you didn't respond, you can check the history of your text messages and validate whether what you were told was factual or not. Various cell phone providers allow you to access the history of a text message using different steps. This article shows you how to find a text message history on a T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T339.

Click the "Slash" icon directly below the word "Menu" at the top of the numbers panel.

Click on the fifth item on the menu section titled "Messages". Note that the item has an "Envelope" icon associated with it. See the list of options available for messaging. Click on the second option which is titled "Inbox."

Search for the particular text message you want details on. Click on the text message until it opens up the message. Press the down arrow below the "OK" button on your cell phone. Scroll to the bottom of the text message. Look beneath the purple bar at the end of the body of the message. Observe the date and time that the message was sent. Keep in mind that the time is recorded in military time. Look below the date and time history to locate the name of the message sender.

Pull up other text messages sent by this person by clicking the "Slash" icon directly below the word "Options" at the top of the numbers panel. See the list of options available for messaging. Click on the sixth option which is titled "Sort by". Choose from a list of six options to identify how you want to sort your text message history.

Note that you can sort the history of messages by Read/Unread, Date, Name, Type, Size and Subject. Click on "Name" and pull up all messages sent to you by a specific person or telephone number. Keep in mind that when you sort by "Name", the phone will sort text message sender history in alphabetical order.

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