How to Make a Scarecrow Out of Clay Pots

Updated February 21, 2017

The next time fall hits don't get annoyed looking at all your empty clay pots. Turn them into a handsome scarecrow that can grace your porch or entrance to beckon in the autumn. Three pots and a variety of supplies are all you need to make this cute and kind of kooky ornament.

Pick your pots and saucer. Choose two pots that are the same size for the body and one about two inches smaller for the head. Pick a saucer that fits snugly when placed upside down beneath one of the larger pots.

Glue the pots together. Place the two pots that are the same size together to make his body. The bottom pot should be right-side up and the top pot should be upside down. Connect the rims with craft glue. Glue your third, smaller pot right-side up to the bottom of the middle pot.

Create his feet and hat. Glue the upside down saucer to the bottom of the lower pot for his feet. Make his hat by simply buying a small, doll's straw hat at a toy or craft store or hooking up your own. You can create a hat out of a piece of burlap by cutting it in a circle and bunching the middle together loosely with a rubber band. You can also cut a small piece of bandanna to use on the scarecrow's head.

Paint his body. Use weatherproof acrylics to paint his clay shoes, overalls and plaid shirt on the two pots that make up his body. Use thin brushes or paint markers for the fine plaid and other details.

Fix up his head. Paint his head a base colour of yellow and then use paint markers to add two eyes, nose and mouth. Glue clumps of straw or yard to the sides of his head and right above his feet, coming out of his shoes. Glue his hat or bandanna on the top of his head.


Allow glue and paint to thoroughly dry between applications. You can get the supplies at art supply or crafts stores, home and garden shops and fabric stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Two medium and one smaller clay pot
  • Craft glue
  • Paint
  • Straw or yarn
  • Pot saucer
  • Small straw hat, bandanna or piece of burlap
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