How to make a wide macrame bracelet

Updated February 21, 2017

Macrame is a craft that uses hemp or nylon cording and various knot tying techniques to make great ideas for the home and personal wear. Hemp or jute cord is the original medium for macrame bracelets, but you can use coloured nylon cords if you prefer. Design options include beads, wide or skinny styles and special knots.

Cut the cord into four 75-cm (30-inch) lengths.

Fold one length of cord in half over the pencil. Tighten with a lark's head knot. Repeat this step with the other three lengths of cord. You will have eight ends dangling.

Take the first four ends and make a square knot. Make another square knot with the last four ends. You will have two square knots side by side.

Take the two inside ends from the first square knot and the two outside ends from the second square knot and make a square knot with these four ends. You will have two loose ends hanging on each side of the square knot.

Make a square knot with the two loose ends on the left and the two outside ends of the square knot next to them. Repeat this step with the next four ends.

Make another square knot with the middle ends.

Repeat step 5.

Repeat step 6. Alternate steps 5 and 6 until you reach the approximate middle of the bracelet. Add the selected bead by sliding all cords through the hole in the middle of the bead. Slide the bead tightly up against the last knot you made, then continue on with steps 5 and 6 to the desired length of your bracelet. Try to make sure the bracelet is even on each side of the bead.

Slide the bracelet off the pencil, leaving the loop intact. Take the loose ends on the other end and slide four of them through the loop. Put the bracelet on your wrist and pull on the cords in the loop until the bracelet fits your wrist. Tie a knot with these four ends and the extra four ends. Cut the ends closely.


Alternate beads throughout the bracelet. Use your toe instead of a pencil for an anchor.

Things You'll Need

  • About 3 metres (120 inches) of natural jute twine or small cord
  • Small round coloured bead or other embellishment
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
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