How to make a saddle pad

Updated February 21, 2017

A saddle pad is important for people who ride horses consistently, train horses or breed horses. It sits underneath the saddle to provide cushioning for the back of the horse, and to help soak up sweat and make sure chafing doesn't occur. It is composed of many layers of different fabrics, and it is not difficult to make.

Measure the saddle for which you are creating the padding using the measuring tape. The padding should be large enough so that when you place the saddle on top of it, no part of the saddle overlaps over the cloth. The padding cover is best made out of a thick, durable material, such as corduroy.

Trim the corduroy to size, and sew the two layers together. Keep one side of the saddle pad cover open to create a sort of pillowcase effect.

Measure and trim the fabric layers that will go inside the saddle pad cover. Alternate layers of cotton and fleece until you have reached 10 layers total. Stack them on top of one another, and make sure all sides and corners are even.

Insert the stacked layers of padding into the corduroy cover. Push them in so they are even with the cover's measurements.

Sew the open edge of the corduroy shut. Next, sew right down the middle of the saddle pad in order to secure all of the layers. This is so they won't shift and bunch up in certain areas.

Place the saddle pad onto the horse after grooming and fit the saddle on securely. Make sure they fit well together and the horse seems comfortable. Make sure there are no edges or fabric corners protruding off of the saddle pad that could injure or annoy the horse.

Add embroidery or patches if you choose by sewing them in.


Look at different fabrics made from soft or durable materials at a craft or fabric store.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 sheets corduroy fabric
  • Sewing machine, or needle and thread
  • 5 sheets fleece fabric
  • 5 sheets cotton fabric
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