How to remove stickers from plastic containers

Updated July 01, 2018

Removing stickers from plastic can be a little bit tricky because plastic scratches easily and becomes cloudy if it's exposed to the wrong chemicals. Don't try to scrape the stickers off. Stickers that are left on plastic adhere more, so it's best to remove them as soon as you can. Chemical and natural products both work equally well to remove stickers from plastic containers.

Dab WD-40 on the sticker. Wait a few moments, then peel the sticker off. Wipe any glue residue off the plastic with a soft rag.

Heat the sticker with a hair dryer. Gently peel the sticker off.

Squirt a little bit of lighter fluid on the sticker. Let sit for 1 minute, then peel the sticker off.

Buy a commercial product like Goo Gone or Goof Off that removes glue and glue residue. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Apply Avon's Skin So Soft to the sticker. Wait until the lotion is absorbed, then peel the sticker off.

Put peanut butter or butter on the sticker. Peel it off, then wash the plastic container in soapy water. Use the same method with vegetable oil, baby oil or cooking spray.

Use a small drop of regular nail polish remover on the sticker. Let it absorb, and peel the sticker off.


Wipe up any glue residue with the same product you used to remove the sticker.


Use products like Goof Off and lighter fluid in a well-ventilated room. Some plastics may be harmed by nail polish remover.

Things You'll Need

  • WD-40
  • Hair dryer
  • Lighter fluid
  • Commercial sticker removers
  • Peanut butter, butter, baby oil
  • Skin So Soft
  • Nail polish remover
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