How to make a bow tie out of a neck tie

Updated April 17, 2017

When putting together a formal outfit with a little bit of flash, turn to a bow tie to make your style stand out. If you're in a pinch, repurpose your necktie as a bow tie about as quickly as it would take you to, well, tie a tie.

Place the necktie around your shirt and hang it so that both sides are even with one another. Take the skinny side of your tie and pull it about 3 inches down, so that it hangs under the fat side.

Take the fat side and cross it over the skinny side. Do this as close to your neck as possible, as it will be hard to readjust later.

Take the fat end and pull it through the loop you just made, then push it through the front to make a knot and pull it down tight. Make sure it feels snug around your neck.

Take the fat end of the tie and fold it vertically, so that it is the same width as the skinny end. Take this same piece and fold it horizontally to make a sort of square. Bring that piece up to the top of your neck, and fold it across your collar lengthwise, so it is perpendicular to the skinny end. Hold this in place.

Use the skinny end of your tie and use it to wrap around the fat side. You can do this twice if there is enough room for a tighter fit. Pull this side down, and tuck it into your shirt so it cannot be seen. Push the sides of the fat end out so that they look like a bow tie.


Use a mirror to guide you and ensure the bow tie looks right.

Things You'll Need

  • Necktie
  • Mirror
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